Use our predefined styles to format references !

You can now use our predefined styles for EndNote and Zotero to style references in your manuscripts that you submit to BioMedicine and Surgery.

Simply download predefined styles from our website and import them into your favorite citation manager. And you are all set to go. References will format automatically to the style of BioMedicine and Surgery, thus giving you more time to attend to what is really important – your scientific paper !

New to medical writing ?


Never wrote a science paper? Terrified of statistics? Don’t worry!

At BioMedSurg we are keen to help young researchers write and publish their first scientific papers.

Alternatively, you can use some of the professional assistance that is offered on the market today.

Some of the relatively underused professions are definitely medical writers. With sufficient information and data provided they will help you write a paper and save you time from your keyboard.

After all, you know how valuable that time is how to spend it more efficiently!

Manage your citations

Tired of having to re-format your references every time you submit your research to a specific journal ? Bored with manually typing all those referencing styles ? There are solutions for these problems ....

With reference managers and citation software you are now able to enter citations directly into the word processor and have them instantly formatted to the style of the desired journal. Even more, if you delete a reference anywhere in the text, these programs will update references automatically so that they are always kept in the proper order, depending on the journal you are submitting your paper to.

There are many reference managers out there on the market, and the two most commonly used are

You can find an EndNote style for the BioMedicine and Surgery Journal here.

We strongly recommend using some of these (or some other) reference managers to keep your references in style with the requirements or our journal.

New issue is published !

BioMedicine and Surgery Journal proudly announces the publication of a new issue!

With eleven new articles from international contributors, this issue represents a valuable addition to your library. The most important thing - it's completely free. With less than 3 months from submission to publication, BioMedicine and Surgery strives to maintain high standards in medical publishing, with the help of a dedicated team of editors, reviewers, copy editors, and web editors. Thank you all for contributing!

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