Liver resections for colorectal cancer metastases


  • Zdenko Bilić Department of Surgery, University Hospital Center “Sestre milosrdnice” Zagreb, Croatia
  • Goran Glavčić Department of Surgery, University Hospital Center “Sestre milosrdnice” Zagreb, Croatia



colorectal neoplasms, neoplasm metastasis, liver, hepatectomy, human


AIM: Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in the Western world. Surgery is currently the only curative method of treatment.
METHODS: Age, gender, the number and size of the largest metastases, distribution according to Gennari, as well as the type of liver resection according to the timing of metastasis detection were assessed for 51 patients who underwent liver resections. Overall 3-year survivals were compared.
RESULTS: Gender (p=0.223), age (p=0.243), number (p=0.120) and distribution (p=0.516) of metastases did not significantly influence survival. Patients with the largest metastasis 5 cm or less than in diameter had significantly greater 3-year survival rate compared to those with metastases larger than 5 cm (65.7% vs. 30%, p=0.034). Simultaneous resections of colorectal cancer and liver metastases were associated with significantly longer survival compared to delayed resections (69.7% vs. 44.7%, p=0.018).
CONCLUSION: Liver resection for colorectal cancer metastases is justifiable and safe even in older patients. Metastases over 5 cm and delayed resections were associated with shorter survival. In the multivariate survival model, among these factors, simultaneous resection of synchronous metastases was found to be the only significant factor influencing 3-year survival.


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