Quality of life after colorectal surgery – impact of stoma


  • Danijela Marković County Hospital Vinkovci, Croatia
  • Matej Miloš Department of Surgery, Clinical Hospital Center "Sestre milosrdnice", Zagreb, Croatia




colorectal surgery, quality of life, stoma


AIM: The hypothesis is that in patients with colorectal cancer who underwent surgical treatment there is disorder in particular domains of quality of life compared to healthy individuals, which can be measured by analyzing responses to the questions asked using specially adapted questionnaires to assess the quality of life. METHODS:  The study included 100 patients who underwent surgery for colon cancer. Quality of life was assessed before surgery and one month after surgery using WHOQOL-BREF questionnaire. Quality of life was compared before and after surgery in respect of stoma formation. RESULTS: In patients who underwent surgery that included the formation of a stoma, a statistically significant postoperative reduction was found in the value of domain 3 (social relations) compared to preoperative value, while the differences in the preoperative and postoperative values of other domains were not statistically significant. CONCLUSION: Results of this study indicate the need to conduct psychosocial support individually adapted to the specific needs of patients, that would take into account social and demographic characteristics of the patients.


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